The St. Francis Sustainable Garden Project supports the hungry, at-risk children and their families in our area. We use a garden plot in front of the St. Francis rectory where we grow and harvest herbs, vegetables and flowers. In past years each harvest has produced over 180 lbs. of produce- all delivered to the pantry at Foundations Preschool of Ann Arbor, - child care center for at-risk, low-income families.

The St. Francis Grounds & Botanical Gardens: Several gardens surround the St Francis of Assisi campus of buildings, including, but not limited to, the church, school, rectory and/or parish offices. These gardens need to be a beautiful expression of hospitality, in particular, the entrances, to our fellow parishioners and visitors as well as reflect a statement of our appreciation for God's creation and nature.

Questions? Contact: Scott Wright (734-821-2121)

Photos by Nadine Brown.

Photos here are thanks to St. Francis parishioner, Nadine Brown.    Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2018 .  Please enjoy the goldfinch photo and others here (mostly) backyard flowers, birds, and insects. Caring for the garden, taking the photos, making greeting cards with them, are all very satisfying hobbies, especially if they can be shared with others.

Delivery made

    Delivered today 😊    

Delivery ready

    Here is the bag of produce (zucchini, peppers, and two teeny tomatoes) in the shadiest place I could find in the Paul garden    

Delivery Photo

beans, peppers 🌶 eggplant 🍆 zucchini, kale and three little tomatoes 🍅 delivered to Foundation Preschool today.     


Some new pix of the gardens 

Yolanda harvested some potatoes (they are from the last year's planting) so we just have 2 big potatoes and 4 small We are still waiting for the other veggies Do you have anything ready to harvest? This is our first harvest.

Kate put mulch around the plants in the MMLJ gardens to hold in the moisture and modulate the soil temperature. Also, Kate cleared and planted the John garden with fall harvest plants: buttercup squash and Brussels sprouts. They'll be ready in October.  Kate harvested two eggplants and some peppers today. Kate plans to deliver them to Foundation Preschool. Kate will take the potatoes, too.


All delivered to Foundations Preschool by Katy Derezinski.  Thank you!